Occupational Therapy

Two family friends of mine are occupational therapists and they have been trying to¬†convince¬†me that their career is something I should do now for YEARS. But obviously because my mum thought it was a good idea I’ve kind of avoided the topic and not given it any thought.

BUT upon further research it sounds pretty interesting and there is a masters course at Leeds Met, convenient seeing as I live near Leeds. So i’m heading to the open day a week on Tuesday and I might actually have something to work towards if all goes well. PLUS, OT course are funded by the NHS, which is a major bonus.

Although, I’ve heard the course is pretty hard to get onto so i’m going to have to do tonnes of preparation and get some work experience/shadowing done.

If all goes well I might get out of the rut I’ve been stuck in in regards to my future. Yay me!

It would also mean that I could finally narrow down a choice for my dissertation seeing as if I did something that linked to OT it would benefit my personal statement greatly.


Today I’ve been looking at Counselling and Social Care.

Counselling –¬†

I have found an introduction to counselling course that I can do in easter for £120, it looks really interesting and would be essential if I want to go into counselling. If the course appeals to me then after uni I would have to complete a certificate of counselling (about a year) AND THEN a masters in counselling (two years). Plus about two years placement before being a fully fledged counsellor.

Social Care –¬†

I’ve been looking at university courses in Leeds and York that do masters in social care. To get onto them I would need my degree (obviously) plus 500 hours work experience which would be pretty difficult to do before next¬†February¬†when most people apply for masters. SO, I’d have to have a year in between going to¬†university¬†again in which to get experience.

In essence, both require further education (sigh) and a year in between my degree and a masters.

Someone tell me what to do with my life?!?!?!?

I went on a course during college at Villiers Park which was called Understanding the Brain.

Since then I have become an E-mentor for students in one of their programmes.

Now the lady there has found out about my Lincoln Award and wants me to write about it so they can put me on their alumni page. 

Pretty cool, except having to provide a recent photo..

Tonight I’m going to ¬†the BPS (British Psychology Society) task for my Lincoln Award and hang my washing all over the flat whilst listening to the Gaslight Anthem discography.¬†
Then as a reward I’m going to watch An Education.
No-one knows how to party like I do.